FutureMed from Singularity University Live Stream

For those who love to think about some of the future of medicine, check out the live stream of the FutureMed event (embedded below).

Live broadcast by Ustream

Here’s the agenda:
8:30am PST Morning Session: Introduction to Exponential Technologies
Peter Diamandis MD (Chairman, Xprize, Co-founder of Singularity University)
Dan Barry MD PhD (3 time NASA Astronaut) on Robotics & 3D Printing
Neil Jacobstein (Singularity University) on Artificial Intelligence
Brad Templeton on Information Technology
Salim Ismail on Implications of Exponential Technology

1:15pm PST Afternoon Session: Data Driven Healthcare
Larry Smarr (UCSD, CalIT2)
John Mattison MD (CMIO of Kaiser Permanente)
Christopher Longhurst MD (CMIO Packard Children’s Hospital @Stanford)
Dan Riskin MD (Health Fidelity, Stanford Medical School)
Julia Hu (CEO, Lark)

5pm PST Artificial Intelligence & New Paradigms for Health & Medicine
Marty Kohn MD (IBM Watson)
Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures)

8pm PST Future of Oncology
Jack Andraka (Winner of the 2012 Intel International Science Fair)
Ron Levy MD (Professor Stanford Medical School, Former Chair of Oncology)