New Healthcare Crowdfunding Site: Health Tech Hatch

On the heels of my post about Medstartr and Indiegogo healthcare crowd funding, I was interested to receive the information that a new crowdfunding site called Health Tech Hatch is launching today.

Here’s a short quote about what Health Tech Hatch is trying to do:

“What differentiates Health Tech Hatch from other crowdfunding sites is our sole focus on health care projects, which we combine with expert feedback and mentorship,” says Patricia Salber, CEO of Health Tech Hatch. “We’ve made it our mission to help young health and health tech companies build a viable nest for the brilliant ideas they are ready to hatch.”

Depending on the nature of their innovative ideas, entrepreneurs may opt to have projects evaluated by panels of medical experts, patients, wellness consumers and providers, such as physical therapists, fitness trainers and nutritionists convened by Health Tech Hatch. The Senior Healthcare executives on the Health Tech Hatch team also provide feedback to the entrepreneur and offer advice and services to help grow a business.

It is a huge challenge to build a community large enough to support crowdfunding, but I’m glad to have another entrant that’s working to solve the many healthcare problems we have.