Happy Veteran’s Day

I think my emotions for this day are running at an all time high. My brother is deployed right now and so it really hits home thinking about the sacrifices that he and many before him go through to make sure that we still get to enjoy the many freedoms we have to enjoy.

I was recently reading through some of the stories from people who were in the midst of the World Wars. It’s really brutal to hear how many people died just living their normal lives. Not to mention the fears and other deprivations they went through during the war. Hopefully when you go to the store tomorrow or stop by a restaurant to get something to eat you’ll take a second to think about what a blessing it is that we can do that whenever we want. I know I’ll be doing the same.

The US is far from perfect, but it sure is a wonderful place to live. I feel blessed to live here where a little guy in Las Vegas can start a blog about EMR and provide for his family doing so. Pretty amazing really.