5010 Enforcement Delayed by CMS

The Twitterverse is alive with people tweeting about the news that Modern Healthcare broke about CMS deciding to delay enforcement of 5010 until June 2012. Here’s a quote from the article:

The CMS will not begin enforcing the mandated move to Version 5010 transaction standards for an additional three months, until after June 30.

In some ways this is just delaying the inevitable and giving payers a reason to delay their 5010 implementation even more. However, there were likely so many practices that wouldn’t get paid under 5010 and many payers who would be paying using the non-compliant 4010 that this was probably a smart move to delay. For those not that familiar with some of the issues, here’s a good post about how practices should deal with the move from 4010 to 5010. The post highlights the challenge to a practice when some payers are on 5010 and others aren’t yet ready for it.

I’d been hearing a lot of rumblings about the challenges of 5010, so this isn’t that big of a surprise. Although, you can be sure that CMS didn’t want to delay 5010. Particularly since CMS had recently delayed ICD-10 implementation as well. Although, I think fewer people will complain about this 5010 delay compared with those still arguing against the ICD-10 delay.