Top EHR Adoption By State – Which States Lead?

The Doctor’s Company, a medical malpractice insurance firm, surveyed 5,105 doctors nationwide about EHR adoption. According to the report, here’s the top 5 states leading EHR adoption:
* 41% EMR Adoption by Oregon’s Physicians
* 39% EMR Adoption by Georgia’s Physicians
* 37% EMR Adoption by Florida’s Physicians
* 35% EMR Adoption by Washington’s Physicians
* 34% EMR Adoption by Virgina’s Physicians

Another interesting stat from the study said that 17% of doctors surveyed said they had no plans to use an EHR in their practice.

I’m sure we could talk about ~5,000 doctors not being a representative sample for 50 states, but the numbers are interesting. I think it’s also worth noting that the highest EHR adoption they found for a state was 41%. So much for all those people who say that EHR adoption has topped 50%. I still put it at the 25-30% range for overall EHR adoption.

I think it would be interesting to do a little digging and see how good the HIE efforts are in each of these states that have higher EHR adoption. While EHR isn’t an absolute pre-requisite for an HIE, it is in my book.

The 17% of doctors not wanting to adopt an EHR isn’t that surprising. In fact, I could have imagined it higher. Although, that’s going to change over the next 5 years. Sure, there will always be that 5% that won’t change, but most of the rest won’t have much choice.