Top 10 EMR Software per Medical Software Advice

I always find it interesting to see various list of EMR and EHR software. Most of the lists don’t have much thought put into their creation. However, it’s fun to look through all the lists and see which EMR companies end up making it on the list. Plus, it’s good to know the next time you see them talking about being a top EMR software where that list might have come from.

This list of Top EMR Software companies comes from the people at Medical Software Advice. I’m not sure how they get this list, but it’s an interesting one. No doubt the list is a bit biased by the EHR vendors that actually work with Medical Software Device. Maybe this is the top 10 EMR software companies that can market. There are some of the major EHR companies on this list though, so take a look. Always good to triangulate multiple top EMR lists to narrow down your selection process.

For those in the industry, you’ll enjoy reading through the descriptions of each company.