Omada Health Raises $800k for Diabetes Prevention Program

Omada Health comes out of the first batch of Rock Health startups. Back in December it raised $800k from Esther Dyson, NEA, Aberdare, Kapor Capital, and TriplePoint Ventures. I’m quite interested in Omada Health since a Diabetes Prevention Program was on my Health IT 2012 Wish List.

The unfortunate part about Omada Health is that their website has no real information about what they’re doing. It has their vision for doing disease prevention and it tells about their team, but their product isn’t out yet. I do like their idea of “Using the power of human relationships to drive behavior change.”

I think they call this peer pressure, but it sounds like they’re trying to leverage it for good in this case. It’s definitely a powerful idea if they can execute on it. I’ve often thought that the most valuable mHealth startup companies are going to be those that are able to create something that will get people to change. Change is hard and if you create something that facilitates change, then that’s powerful!

Since Diabetes Prevention is on my Wish list, I hope that Omada Health is wildly successful.