90% of Doctors Expect to Have EHR Within 3 Years per USA Today

@ElinoreBoeke – Elinore Boeke
90% of surveyed doctors expect to have EHRs within three years usat.ly/tSgBNG #HealthIT #EHR via @USATODAY

The survey also sets EHR adoption at 46% and quotes someone saying there are 1000 EHR software vendors out there. Well, I think all of those numbers are way off.

First, expect that doctors won’t meet their expectations cause 90% of doctors won’t have EHR within 3 years.

Second, I think we’re closer to 25-30% adoption. 46% probably includes a lot of people who have a PMS, but no real EMR. Maybe they do 1 or 2 small EHR like function.

Third, 1000 EHR software vendors, really? Even if you expand to things like ePrescribing I’d put the number closer to 600. If you take out the partial EHR software companies, I think it’s closer to 300. Granted, there are more and more EHR software coming out each day.