EHR Related Stocks Up 82% Since EHR Stimulus Package

If you’re like me and work in the healthcare IT industry, you know that we’re in a really amazing environment right now. Turns out, healthcare IT related companies are enjoying the EHR stimulus money from the HITECH act as much or more than anyone else.

In an analysis by USA Today, they found that since 2009, the healthcare IT related companies stock value increased by an average of 82%. 11 of the 45 companies they analyzed they increased by a combined total of at least $20 billion since the HITECH act was passed.

They also break down how much each healthcare IT and EHR related stock increased since the HITECH act took effect:

  • 194% for Cerner;
  • 134% for Allscripts Healthcare Solutions;
  • 105% for Computer Programs and Systems;
  • 105% for McKesson;
  • 96% for Siemens;
  • 89% for UnitedHealth Group;
  • 83% for Accenture;
  • 55% for athenahealth;
  • 51% for Dell;
  • 34% for General Electric.
  • During that time, the stock value for Quality Systems dropped by 3%

Some pretty amazing numbers. Plus, it’s interesting to think that the stimulus money is just getting started. Greenway EHR users have gotten $5 million and Cerner EHR users have gotten well over $2.2 million in EHR incentive money.

I’m not stock analyst, but I’m sure these stocks will continue to grow in this frothy healthcare IT environment.