Cerner Meaningful Use Incentives Total $2.2+ Million

Today, some of the numbers for users of the Cerner certified EHR (ambulatory clients) came across my desk and since I’m a number lover, I thought I’d share.

Cerner Ambulatory clients have secured $2.2+ million in combined Medicare and Medicaid Meaningful Use incentive funds from 16 states. More than $1.5 million of that $2.2+ million is in Medicare EHR incentives.

More than 115 Cerner Physicians have successfully attested to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) EHR incentive program.

Looks like Cerner is planning to use @Cernerphysician and the Cerner Facebook page to publish updates like this in the future.

Now I must admit that I’m interested to know the Cerner EHR Stimulus numbers for the acute care settings.

If you know of other EHR vendors that have released their numbers, let me know and I’ll publish them in a future post.