Certified Allscripts Enterprise v11.2 (The One for Meaningful Use) Is Delayed Until Fall 2012?

I got this interesting email from someone who works for a REC:

I caught word that Allscripts Enterprise v11.2 (that will allow ambulatory physician practices to reach meaningful use) will be delayed until Fall of 2012. I haven’t seen anything on the Internet or through my social networking connections. I was just curious of you heard about this and if you can help determine if this is just a rumor or fact.

I haven’t heard this and I’d be surprised if it were true. Could Allscripts really be that far behind on releasing their Certified EHR that will be able to get users to meaningful use?

I did a search on the ONC-CHPL website which lists all the EHR software that’s been certified. The Allscripts Enterprise EHR 11.2 has been certified as a complete EHR. In fact, it’s certified twice as a complete EHR and once as a modular EHR. I assume that’s based on the various configurations and third party software it can connect with to meet the complete EHR certification requirements.

So, the software is at least in good enough shape to be certified. Will it really take until next year for them to roll the software out to their practices? I recently found out that Practice Fusion has taken a month or so to get out their certified EHR. However, they’re a SaaS EHR and a month is much more reasonable than a year.

I wonder if the timeline might be very clinic specific. For example, Allscripts might be ready to deploy their certified Allscripts Enterprise EHR right now, but the clinic that already has it installed might need the next year to project manage the upgrade. Still seems like a long time to upgrade, but I’ve seen worse.

With that in mind, I’d have to call this a rumor for now. Although, I’m going to send this post to some of my contacts at Allscripts and see if I can get a response.